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Nonye Hair Braiding - Austin, TX

Q. How long does my hair have to be to get braids or dreads?
A. Your hair has to be at least 3 inches to be braided. Anything shorter than that usually slides out after a short while. We can braid all textures of hair as long as it is at least 3 inches. For Dreadlocks, you need at least 2 inches of new growth to start.

Q. How long after a relaxer should I get braids?
A. Wait about 2 weeks after a relaxer to get your braids. It is not recommended to perm your hair if you will be putting it in braids

Q. Some of my braids are hanging by strands of hair around the edges. What do I do?
A. When your braids begin to hang by strands of hair, you have to take it out completely or get your edges touched up. Leaving it in will cause hair breakage as the weight of the extension will weigh on the strands of hair and will eventually fall off with your hair.

Q. My scalp is itchy. What can I do to stop the itch?
A. Make sure you moisturize your scalp daily with a braid spray.  You can also try tea tree oil as it has been known to relieve dry and itchy scalp.

Q. What kind of hair products do you use?
A. We use Keracare and Taliah Waajid (Black Earth) products

Q.  If my hair is permed, how do I transition into natural hair without cutting all my hair off?
A. Best solution is to wear your hair in braids and weaves as this does not require daily combing. Trim off the permed end as new growth comes in. It takes about. 3 to 6 months to established enough new growth for most of the natural hairstyle

Q.  If I have a texturizer  in my hair, can I get a comb twist?
A.  No because texturizers loosen the curl and so prevent the hairís ability to hold curls

Q. How often do I have to get hair maintained?
A. For braids every 4 to 6 weeks, and for dreadlocks every  3 to 4 weeks

Q.  Can I go swimming with my braids?   
A. Yes, you can go swimming with your braids, although  it is not recommended with some braid styles as water loosens the braids.

Q:   Will the braids break off my edges?
A.   The braids will not break off your edges if it is properly done and maintained.
Make sure your edges are not too tight nor too small. Moisturize your braids every day and get your edges touched up as needed. This will help preserve your edges and grow longer healthier hair.

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1921 Cedar Bend Dr , Austin TX 78758 USA Metric Place Shopping Center
(512) 686-8011

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